Niseko Mountain Bike School & Guiding Business Operations (September 18, 2020)

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Good morning, this is Teppei from Niseko Mountain Bike School & Guiding.
It is looking like we are going to have some good weather ahead as we enter our seasonal autumn holiday tomorrow.
We will also be holding a Demo event with TRANSITION from tomorrow to end the summer gonadolas! Please take this opportunity to try out the latest bikes, and there will also be some unannounced appearances to give you something to forward to.
Few days ago, we had the honor of holding a Shiribeshi MTB seminar
We had MTB / tourism-related businesses and government officials from the area come and join us.
In the morning, we held a beginners demo tour for the inexperienced participants and in the afternoon, we gave a lecture with Mr. Yamada of JTBF about mountain bike tourism.
 We were fortunate enough to receive number of positive feedbacks from the participants, and above all, when I saw the smiles of everyone returning returning with mountain bikes, it gave me great joy and reassurance to be doing this job.
In the Niseko / Shiribeshi area where we are, we will continue to cooperate with the government to promote and spread the joys of mountain biking so that local residents and visiting customers can enjoy it. It will take some time, but we appreciate your support and cooperation.
Now, I would like to inform you about the operations of Niseko Mountain Bike School & Guiding (NMSAG) for the remainder of the season.
NMSAG has shortened its business operations for the 2020 Season by one week, making September 27th (Sun) our last business day.
Right now, we are juggling number of different MTB projects that are currently underway in parallel with MTB school operations, so we have made a decision that it is best interest to everyone to concentrate on them from the beginning of autumn.
We apologize to those who were considering using our lessons and tour rentals during this period, but please bear with us as we are planning to increase the number of places where we can tread!
As a result, we will choose to close MTB School on September 25th (Friday) if there has been no reservation made by 4 pm the day before.
In addition Niseko Grand Hirafu MTB Park will operate as followed:
September 22 (Tuesday / holiday)
Gondola last operation date (DH course, ‘5 Kabe’ flow trail)
October 4th (Sun)
MTB Park Last Business Day (Foothill Flow Trail, King Flow Trail, Skills Area)
There may be changes in some cases, so please be sure to check before visiting.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
NINE LLC / Niseko Mountain Bike School & Guiding Representative Teppei Nakajima
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